What does Biodiversity mean and why is it essential to wine-growing?

Quoting the  1992 United Nations Earth Summit on “biological diversity”, biodiversity is defined as

… the variability among living organisms from all sources, including, ‘inter alia’, terrestrialmarine and other aquatic ecosystems and the ecological complexes of which they are part:

It is hence a priceless wealth and above it all, a precious good we must strive to maintain.

¿And why is biodiversity so crucial for wine-growing?

The maintenance of biodiversity is key to preserve sustainability in our natural environment:

the combination of multiples life forms and its inter-actions with the environment conform the basis of life-sustaining in the world

It is then the logical conclusion that a greater diversity in our soils provides a richer biological wealth, which in turn translates into sustainable agriculture and higher quality fruit. 

The Soils in Mas de Sella

At Mas de Sella we were certain our soils had an exceptional biological richness and that such wealth (or biodiversity) was key to the quality of the grapes with which we make our wines. Notwithstanding we took a step further and seeked scientific proof: we hired one of the leading companies in soil testing: WineSeq.

The study which tested over 600 vineyards around the world, measured and rated the overall microbial community structure in soils. The result was not unexpected but equally cherished:

Our winery Mas de Sella was included in the Top 10 ranking of wineries with the highest biodiversity levels which consequently identifies our soils as having

…an extraordinary level of microbial diversity.

This rating acknowledges our respect for our unique terroir and the implementation of good vineyard practices.

Come back to us for more on biodiversity…